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We are pleased to announce that Attorney Dauna L. Bartley is certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission as a mediator for superior court cases. Throughout her years of practicing law, Dauna has remained focused on the “human” side of her practice, working with people to develop practical solutions and to resolve disputes so that they can get on with the important business of living.

To this end, Dauna continues to focus on alternative dispute resolution to the benefit of her clients and interested parties. She now serves as an arbitrator for NC district court cases, and as a mediator for superior court and federal district court cases.

As a mediator, she serves as a neutral third party to facilitate conversations and negotiations between the parties. Dauna’s goal is to enable the parties to take control of their dispute and increase the likelihood of a civilized, cost-effective outcome.

Dauna is committed to helping parties work together to resolve their cases before trial and, when possible, to resolve disputes without even filing a lawsuit. To schedule a mediation with Dauna, fill out our Contact form and we will contact you shortly.

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